to the official website of the 2016 Eurochallenge at the Pannoniaring!

This year´s “Austrian” race for the ESC-championship is going to take place in Hungary on the kart-track of the Pannoniaring. Beside the popular ESC races, loved for their thrilling action by racers and punters likewise, the event will feature even more highlights.

As a further attraction an endurance race is going to be held on the kart-track on Sunday. Participation in the 6h time-trial is open to anyone interested. ESC membership or any other kind of license is not required.

All in all three days of complete and utter scooter-racing madness offering the spectator loads of first hand race-feeling.

Prepare yourselves for:

  • ESC races on Saturday
  • 6h endurance race on Sunday
  • Open track between time trials
  • Dyno